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1 second in
3000 years

Guaranteed precision



Your atomic clock will always show you the exact time - regardless of radio connection, internet etc.

The extremely small deviation of just one second in 3000 years would only be noticed by your descendants in 100 generations.


Solid aluminum housing with no moving parts.

Multiple screwing of all components.

Robust stainless steel controls.

No wearing components.


We only use carefully selected materials and components of the highest quality. Each component and your atomic clock as a whole are subject to the highest quality standards and constant quality controls.

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Technical specifications

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Manual adjustment

thetime zone

About atomic clocks


The rubidium atomic clock

Atomic clocks are the most accurate clocks in the world. In the true sense, they do not measure time directly, but rather an ultra-stable frequency. This frequency corresponds to an atomic transition, i.e. the transition of an electron into a different energy state in the atom. In the case of the rubidium atomic clock, this is the hyperfine transition with a frequency of exactly 6,834,682,610.904324 Hz. This frequency is so stable because it depends only on the electrical and magnetic properties of the atomic nucleus. 

But how does frequency become time?

An ultra-precise counter works in your atomic clock from, which counts all 6,834,682,610.904324 steps one second toggles. In combination with a perpetual calendar, this counter enables the correct time and date to be displayed at all times - regardless of radio, Internet or other external sources!


Since the atomic clock would start counting from 0 every time it was restarted, a one-time synchronization with the time of up to 57 GPS satellites is required. Each of these satellites also has a rubidium atomic clock, which means that the synchronization provides the ultra-precise time and date. This synchronization is fully automatic by pressing the S button once.

time zone

The surface of the earth is divided into 37 time zones. You have the ability to switch between these zones at any time with a simple push of a button.

leap second

The perpetual calendar built into your atomic clock takes into account all upcoming leap years. It is therefore never necessary to adjust the date! However, since our time on earth is linked to the day and night times of the planet, it is inextricably linked to the rotation of the earth's body, which weighs more than five trillion billion tons. Due to many influences, such as tidal friction, this rotation is not uniform and also not predictable. Since the invention of atomic clocks, it has been possible for humans to measure these small deviations and correct them on the time scale. For this purpose, the leap seconds were introduced in 1972, which are defined by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig. Namely, after 23:59:59 of the days mentioned, an additional second is inserted at 23:59:60 before the clock advances to 00:00:00 of the following day. With your atomic clock from, a leap second can be inserted at any time using the buttons on the clock front. You can always find one herecurrent list of leap seconds since 2020:

There hasn't been a leap second since January 1st, 2017.


scope of delivery


- based on recycled and tested Rb standards -

atomic clock

Your rubidium atomic clock in a solid aluminum case.



IEC cable and external GPS antenna (3 m) for even better reception for synchronization.

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Bound operating instructions in German and English.

Price: €1,900

incl. VAT and shipping


- based on new high-end Rb normals -

atomic clock

Your rubidium atomic clock in a solid aluminum case.


transport case

Transport case for your atomic clock with milled foam insert. Dust and watertight according to IP 67. Temperature stable from -30°C to +80°C as well as impact and drop resistant.

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calibration certificate

Calibration certificate with important data on the frequency stability of your atomic clock.



IEC cable and external GPS antenna (3 m) for even better reception for synchronization.

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Bound operating instructions in German and English.

Price: €4,900

incl. VAT and shipping

Now also with ultra-precise frequency output

The following options are available:

  • Output frequency 10 MHz - connector BNC or SMA

  • Output frequency 1 kHz - connector BNC or SMA

  • Output frequency 100 Hz - connector BNC or SMA

  • Output frequency 1 Hz (pps) - connector BNC or SMA

Each 490 €


Atomuhr für Zuhause
Atomuhr für Zuhause
Atomuhr für Zuhause




The founder and visionary Dr. rer. nat. Johannes Dickmann has been a passionate watch collector since childhood. After several years of research on high-precision optical atomic clocks, he received his PhD and is an absolute expert in the field of atomic clocks.

With the development of an inexpensive yet highly accurate, robust and durable atomic clock, his dream becomes a reality.


All lovers of fine mechanical watches in the world have to adjust their beloved timepieces regularly. It is our vision to make this ritual a recurring happy event with your personal atomic clock. With our atomic clock you achieve freedom compared to the smartphone, the computer or the quartz radio clock.


Our atomic clock is designed for maximum robustness and longevity. Only first-class materials such as solid aluminum and stainless steel are used. Each atomic clock has its own production number, so that any malfunctions that occur can be quickly eliminated.



Get your personal atomic time at home. Request material, prices and delivery times now:

Thank you for your message!


The UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY for your atomic clock:


- Supplies your atomic clock with energy for up to 30 minutes in the event of a power failure

- Solid aluminum housing with identical dimensions, uniform design

- Just place the UPS directly under the atomic clock!

Atomic Power Unit
Anzeige der Ladung
analog, 7 LEDs
Überbrückungszeit Atomuhr
bis zu 30 Minuten
Blei-Gel-Akku, wartungsfrei
Elektrischer Ausgang
240 V, 50 Hz, stabilisiert
Elektrischer Eingang
220 - 260 V, 50 - 60 Hz Kaltgerätebuchse

Price: €490
incl. VAT and shipping

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